About Us

We strive to help exhausted business owners restore their privacy. We help you carve out quality time for your friends and family.

You can take back your quality of life, using the available technology. VoIP telephony is part of that service.

Welcome to our family business

Webcafe is a family business. We are passionate about helping small and medium business owners. We help you with your IT, communications and technology strategy and implementation. 

We offer hardware and software to make your business run smoothly. With our support, you are left free to focus on your own business stengths.

We partner with powerful suppliers with tested products. We offer several levels of audits to determine  the best solutions for your business. 

Partner with us to implement the best communications and technology hardware, software and systems. We make sure they all work together seamlessly.  Technology is the basis of all your systems.


Rudi is our CEO and technical boffin. He keeps us on track, inspire us to show up and is the mastermind of the company.

Our customers trust him for his knowledge, skills and patient support. Rudi orchestrates hardware, technical systems & communication to work in harmony.


Alicia is our admin and financial manager.

She runs the accounts department, making sure the accounts, taxes and payments are up to date.

Feel free to contact Alicia for all

account related queries.


Christina has 40 years IT experience & 20+ years in telecommunications.

She is an author, marketer, systems architect and copywriter.

Feel free to contact Christina for all sales related queries.


Experienced Staff

We have more than 60 years of communications,telecoms and IT experience in the Webcafe.


Professional & Friendly

Professional and clear communication is the basis of good relationships with our clients.


Month-to-month contracts

We don’t believe in long-term contracts. You can stay with us while you are happy with our service.


Quick Response

We respond quickly to requests for quotations, orders, service requests and support.


Privacy is Key

We always keep your privacy in mind. We advise business owners about ways to protect your privacy.


Communication Spend

Switch to VoIP to cut telephone costs. We help you with the best options. The saving is in the call costs.

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