Do you compromise your privacy for business?

Protect your privacy 


lower your call costs


Protect your privacy

Are you guilty of handing out your mobile number at networking events? This is sending the message that you are desperate enough to take any calls all the time. As a result we have no privacy.

Or even worse, your clients have your home number.  Now they are calling you all the time. The alternative is to have an office number.

The system includes a messaging system for missed calls. Return the calls when you can.

Take calls during office hours only, even if you work from home

– Separate your office availability from family time

– Create security & protection with a VoIP office line

– Carve out uninterrupted time to spend with friends

– Protect your cell phone number. Protect your privacy

– Share the office number only and set office hours


Don’t publish your mobile number

Don’t use your mobile number for social media advertising. I did and I had a scary experience.

I used to publish my mobile number on Facebook ads. I took some serious steps to protect myself since then. I received a call from an inmate, about to be released from jail.  Read the full story in the Consumer guide you can download below. 

VoIP to the rescue

Now, you can only share your VoIP number. You set your office hours. The system takes messages, so you don’t miss important calls.

Protect your family. Take back your life

Let the system answer the calls while you’re on the run. Let it go to the messaging and return the call when you have space and time. 


Save time

Save time by reading this consumer guide. There’s no need to search the internet for snippets of information. You can now download all the important information in one handy guide.

Download the free VoIP Consumer Guide

By reading this fact-filled booklet you’ll discover the:

  • 4 Costly mistakes to avoid when choosing your telephone provider
  • 5 Costly misconceptions about telephone lines and providers
  • 3 types of network coverage options. and how to decide which one would the best option for your requirements
  • Discover the importance of value and price
  • 7 questions you should ask any telephone / VoIP service provider
  • Why you want to partner with a company with knowledge about network availability.

Flexible Contracts

You need flexibility for growing your business. Are you able to change your number of employees, up or down, without incurring extra costs?

Call Quality

To ensure HD call quality, it’s important to have a fast and stable internet connection with spare capacity for your calls.  

Recording Retrieval

Easily retrieve call recordings. Use it for employee training & handling complaints  

Freedom to Change

  • Add an extension at any time. It can be added in a day.
  • Remove extensions when you downscale.
  • Cancel the contract in 30 days. No severance costs.

System Scaling

This scalable VoIP system works for small to large business. 

The system grows as your business expands. Adapt your VoIP configuration quickly. 

Help Employees Succeed

  • Operating phone lines
  • Make and receive client calls
  • A messaging system for missed calls
  • Set office hours
  • A good handset & headset

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