Are you ready to lower your Call Centre

call costs?

High Call Centre Call Cost

Making calls is your business. If you are not calling, you’re not generating money. If the lines are down you can’t reach the customer, and they cannot reach you.

You’re managing  call quality and agent quality,  while striving to save costs.

Save time

Save time by reading this consumer guide. There’s no need to search the internet for snippets of information. You can now download all the important information in one handy guide.

Download the free VoIP Consumer Guide

By reading this fact-filled booklet you’ll discover the:

  • 4 Costly mistakes to avoid when choosing your telephone provider
  • 5 Costly misconceptions about telephone lines and providers
  • 3 types of network coverage options. and how to decide which one would the best option for your requirements
  • Discover the importance of value and price
  • 7 questions you should ask any telephone / VoIP service provider
  • Why you want to partner with a company with knowledge about network availability.

Recording Retrieval

Easily retrieve call recordings. Use it for agent training & handling complaints  

Agent Training

Call recording is a basic necessity for your call centre. Use it as agent training


Customer Complaints

Address customer complaints effectively and speedily using recorded calls


Flexible Contracts

Growing your call centre requires flexibility. Are you able to change your number of agents quickly without incurring unnecessary costs?

Seasonal Agents

What do you do if you need additional agents during a specific season? You need to be able to change your number of agents every month.

Call Quality

Ensure HD call quality by having a fast and stable internet connection. Keep spare capacity for your calls. 

Freedom to Change

  • Add an extension at any time.
  • Change in a day.
  • Remove extensions when you downscale.
  • Cancel the contract in 30 days.
  • No severance costs.

System Scaling

The Webcafe VoIP system works for small and large call centres. No need to change systems when you expand.

The system grows as your call centre expands. Quickly change your configuration as your needs change. 

Help Agents Succeed

  • Operating phone lines
  • A phone for quick dialing
  • A noise-canceling headset to  minimise distractions.
  • Leave your hands free to take notes.
  • A list of names and numbers to call

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