What should you do?

Windows 10 Upgrade Worry

Even though official support has ended, it doesn’t mean you have to panic.

However, it means that you must plan your upgrade to Windows 10 today.

The danger

If you don’t upgrade to Windows 10, there are 2 major issues you’ll run into. The first is that you won’t be able to update any of your apps o programs. The second is that you won’t get #Windows7 updates.

One of the main advantages of getting frequent updates is that new viruses are stopped before they can attack your computer.

That safety net is now gone in Windows 7, because of the #Windows7-End-of-life.

Hackers are always seeking to exploit software bugs in the #Windows7 operating system. The impact of no support from Microsoft means that your computer may become a target for viruses.

How do I check my Windows version?

Search for Windows version on your Settings page

–> Start –> settings

Open the Settings window

  • Click the start button
  • Choose the gear icon to open the Settings window

On the Settings window

  • Choose About
  • Scroll down to the Windows Specs
  • Check which version you have
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Or search for ‘Windows version’

The solution

You’ll be back to safety when you’ve upgraded to Windows 10. Webcafe can assist you with the upgrade. If you have a machine older than 5 year, it might be worthwhile to think about upgrading to a newer laptop. Contact me for a quote on a new or refurbished model.

Email me at cj@webcafe.co.za or leave your info here for a quote.

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