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Freedom to Change

  • Add an extension at any time. It can be added in a day.
  • Remove extensions when you downscale.
  • Cancel the contract in 30 days. No severance costs.

System Scaling

  • The Webcafe VoIP system works for small and large homes.
  • Downscale when the kids leave home.
  • Or send the phone with them to their new home. 
  • Each phone and extension can be in a different house. 

Stay in Touch with Family

  • Each person can have their own extension and handset
  • Make simultaneous phone calls
  • Receive calls from friends
  • A messaging system for missed calls
  • Calls between extensions are free

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Webcafe Voice Quote Request

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Flexible Contracts

You need flexibility. Do you want to be able to move without incurring unnecessary costs? Take your phone to your new home. Keep your number and account as is.

Lower Cost

Lower cost than traditional telephone systems. Very low line and extension rentals. The saving is in the call cost.


Call Quality

To ensure HD call quality, it’s important to have a fast and stable internet connection with spare capacity for your calls.  

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